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Slr Film Camera Reviews

slr film camera reviews

    film camera
  • Photographic film is a sheet of plastic (polyester, nitrocellulose or cellulose acetate) coated with an emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halide salts (bonded by gelatin) with variable crystal sizes that determine the sensitivity, contrast and resolution of the film.

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  • Self-loading rifle

  • In computer science, a Simple LR parser (SLR parser) is created by an SLR parser generator which reads a BNF grammar constructs an LR(0) state machine and computes the look-aheads sets for each reduction in a state.

  • Single-lens reflex

  • (SLRs) A single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that typically uses a semi-automatic moving mirror system that permits the photographer to see exactly what will be captured by the film or digital imaging system (after a very small delay), as opposed to pre-SLR cameras where the view through

  • (SLRS) SMS Rail Lines is a shortline railroad based at Pureland Industrial Park in Bridgeport, New Jersey. The company handles all freight car delivery to businesses located within the industrial park.

Canon Rebel GII

Canon Rebel GII

My new baby! Found it at my favorite thrift store today for $20! Unfortunately, it's missing all lens caps/covers, and the manual. :C Oh well, that is easily remedied! [Yay Ebay!] My mom is printing off the pdf of the manual tomorrow. I stuck a new roll of film in when I got home, and I'm excited to start taking pictures and seeing how they come out! I haven't actually used a film camera [aside from my Canonet, which hasn't been developed yet!] for a very long time.
I love this little camera so far though. I'm disappointed with the quality of the kit lens it came with though, it feels very cheap to me, and from the reviews I've read it's not very good. I'm hoping to buy a new lens eventually. C:
Good find today!

Canon A-1

Canon A-1

Came after the AE-1, Vast amount of features, Aperture priority, shutter priority, full auto, full manual, exposure compensation, access to tons of great Canon FD mount lenses. Check out the 1.4 S.S.D.... Great BOW-KAHH!

Check out my review of this camera at

slr film camera reviews

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