How To Pick A Good Digital Camera

how to pick a good digital camera

    digital camera
  • A camera that records and stores digital images

  • a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

  • A digital camera (also digicam or camera for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.

  • Usually captures images with the help of a CCD chip. The image data received is then saved to special memory cards or other storage media. (SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card,  Compact Flash,  Memory Stick,  SD Card,  MMC Card)

    how to
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how to pick a good digital camera - Tasco 3

Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera

Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera

Spend less and you won't miss a thing. With one of the quickest trigger times on the market, extra-long battery life and an incredibly affordable price, this digital Trail Cam is a sharp little lookout you'll want an army of. It’s easy to use and is offered in standard 3-megapixel night vision version which captures sharp digital images or short video clips day and night. We honed the technology and shaved the price to make the ultimate season attainable for virtually anyone. Tasco 3MP Trail Camera features a full color high resolution images. It has an oversize camera flash for increased range. Passive infrared sensor senses game out as far as 45 feet. Easy operational set up, the camera will function 24 hours a day. Xenon flash for nighttime photography. Date, time and mooon phase stamp on every image, it's weather proof and rugged. Save images on a removable SD card for easy downloading of images. (SD card not included). Extra wide security strap to help prevent theft. The unit requires 4 D-cell batteries (not included). The video mode option records 15 seconds in AVI format.

With a quick trigger time, extra-long battery life, and an affordable price, this digital Trail Camera from Tasco is a sharp little lookout for all your adventures. It's easy to use and is offered in standard 3-megapixel night vision version which captures sharp digital images or short video clips day and night. Featuring full-color, high-resolution images, it has an oversize camera flash for increased range while passive infrared sensor senses game out as far as 45 feet.
A Xenon flash allows for nighttime photography with a date, time, and moon phase stamp on every image. Save your images on a removable SD card for easy downloading of images (SD card not included). The unit requires 4 D-cell batteries (not included) and includes an extra wide security strap to help prevent theft. The camera's video mode option records 15 seconds in AVI format.
Model: 119203C
Resolution Settings: 1.3MP, 3MP
PIR Sensor: Up to 30 feet
Night Vision Flash: Xenon, 30feet
LCD Display: B & W text LCD
Power Supply: 4-D Cell
Battery Life: 90 Days
Video Mode: Yes
SD Capacity: 2 GB

82% (16)

Hello Flickr

Hello Flickr

How are you?

I was planning to post a photo today with a story to go with it but, well, the story's ending has changed:

I was in town about a week or so ago just walking down the high street when I saw that Batman was standing just ahead of me. Sadly, not the real Batman (Well, one can never be sure but I don't think Batman is black?) and as I approached him he started talking to me. It turned out he was dressed up for charity and he started his shpeel about the work it does for abused families (Not too different from the script I learn while working for the RSPB. Just replace "birds" with "unfortunate children") Anyway, he asked if I would buy a keyring to help and I did, and went on my way.

I got about halfway up the high street when, feeling the weight in my bag, I remembered I had my 35mm camera with me. "Argh!" I thought, as I so often do when I potential shot is missed. "How often am I going to see Batman in the street in good light, probably willing to have his photo taken?!"
I kept on walking though and it wasn't long before I saw the Superman was ahead of me! "Aha!" I thought, triumphant, and gave as much eye contact as possible in the hopes that he'd soon be giving me the same speech as Batman. Sure enough, he started off just the same but I interrupted: "I've just bought a keyring from Batman actually. I will, however, give you another pound should you let me take your photo" He looked a bit confused until I produced the Nikkormat from my bag "Ah! You're a photographer?" "Yep" "I thought you were maybe some weird pervert!"

So, in return for a quick snap of him, cape aloft, I handed over the promised pound, thanked him and was on my way.

Today, I dropped off my now used up roll of film to be developed and went about my business for an hour until I could return to pick it up.
When the bulging envelope was at last in my hands, I hungrily opened it and made my way through the shots, trying to decide which ones would make it to the photo wall above my desk. It wasn't until I reached the end that a slightly panicky thought crossed my mind "Huh...where's the Superman photo??"
I quickly looked through the photos and then again more slowy, thinking I MUST have missed couldn't just not be there!
Alas, the envelope of negatives told me otherwise. Out of the thirty six little rectangles on those brown strips, one - just ONE - was completely blank. The one photo I was looking forward to seeing. The one different one that I didn't have two or three similar digital copies of at home anyway. I have absolutely no idea why it didn't come out.

Sometimes I think that Nikkormat is not happy I'm a Canon girl.

One thousand thank yous!

One thousand thank yous!

Many who know me here on Flickr are aware that it was not exactly a secret (a nearly empty photo stream is something of a dead giveaway) that I didn’t have a camera of my own.

Though I’d owned film cameras when I was much younger, they were scarcely anything to write home about, and on the whole I’d gone the better part of 24 years without having the opportunity to shoot many photos.

For years I had dreamed of owning my own DSLR. It was one of those hopes that so often seemed beyond my reach, and yet not so far-fetched so as to never occur. It was a constant dream that I spoke of often.

My husband was aware that I wanted a camera, and also that there were certain considerations (beyond price point) to keep in mind were he to even pick out a camera for me (such as weight, as it can be challenging for me to hold/lift heavy items). A wonderful photographer himself, with years of both digital and film experience, there was no one else I’d rather entrust with the task of finding the right camera for me with.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and for other reasons, my husband presented me with a truly incredible, immensely generous gift: a Canon Rebel XSi (and a Flickr Pro account). Knowing how dearly I’ve longed not just for a camera itself, but for the chance to begin to learn photography with hands-on experience, receiving this amazing present has touched me to my core and brought a tremendous amount of happiness to my heart.

I have tons to learn about photography! A great and fascinating journey of discovery definitely lies ahead. Yet I can not recall the last time I was more eager to delve into a subject – and I most certainly know that I’ve never been given a more thoughtful gift.

Inspired by the well-known phase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I wrote out thank you enough times to create that many words and at the bottom of the page I added...

A picture may be worth a thousands words, but they are scarcely enough for me to even begin to express my gratitude for your gift of a camera. You have given me more than a present; you’ve bestowed the poetry of light and creation into my hands.

Thank you forever, my love ¦

how to pick a good digital camera

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